Sharing Files for Money?

Tuesday, 15 May 2007 - Posted by MB at 06:58
We share a lot of files on the Internet and I am pretty much surprised why people are not using file sharing websites, which pay money for uploading and downloading websites.

Today I would like to show you several sites, where you can host your files for free and get paid when anyone downloads these files. By meanings files I mean archives, photos, videos, documents, music and other files.

In order to get paid for uploading files you need to promote them on various forums, social networks or in your blogs because your earnings depend on the number of file downloads.

I have done some research and found a resource, where making money online with filesharing is perfectly explained. Please check out this link on

And now I would like to share links to my favorite “get paid to upload” websites. – probably the best website to work with. They provide a lot of free storage for their members and pay up to 40 dollars for every 1000 downloaded files. Currently you need just 15 dollars in order to get paid via PayPal or WebMoney. – my second favorite website. The pay per download rates are not very high – just 15 dollars for 1000 downloads – but there are no country restrictions, which means you can get paid for every download.

These websites are easy to use and they are capable of generating good money for everyone. Please check out these one and I hope that you will be able to start working at home by sharing your documents and files online.